Flochat announces its first Hackathon

2017 saw a wide consumer adoption of AI and machine learning-based bots. We saw full launches of the first generation of truly useful bots that revolutionized how companies do business and how consumers interact with enterprise services. Millions of users currently have access to simple bots and more are on the way, with added complexity.

The goal of Hackathon by Flochat is two-fold:

  • Using AI to build bots for the Flochat Bot platform
  • Design clutter breaking filters/ themes/ stickers for the various camera features of Flochat

Flochat Bot platfrom:

A bot platform is like a play store for bots where people can discover bots for getting everyday chores done in a simple conversational way or exploring new fun things right within their messenger again in a conversational way. The purpose of this hackathon is to get the best tech/ AI talent in the country to build the initial set of bots that we will populate this platform with.

The Challenge:

The challenge is to build an interactive bot which increases user engagement or assists them with their day-to-day activities. The bot needs to converse in natural English language. Each team will choose a category during registration upon which they will build their chatbot.

The Categories:

  1. Games: Interactive games which could be played as individuals or with other players. Examples of games: Text quests | Riddles | Puzzles | Cards, etc.
  2. Utilities: Reminders | Split expenses | Download music or videos | Recipes | Weather | Predictions, etc.
  3. News: Astrology | Current affairs | Sports | new Trends, etc.
  4. Education: Language learning | Words | Dictionary | DIY, etc.
  5. Entertainment: Meme maker | Movie advisor | Jokes/Pranks | Trivia | Dating tips | Book finder, etc.
  6. Social: Dating | Music | Shopping | Chat rooms | Health/Fitness, etc.

The Rules:

Queries can range from simple keyword triggering to complex natural language ones. Participants can use any programming language, tools, frameworks or pretrained machine learning models to build their chatbot engine. Demo using a web-based User Interface is encouraged, although there is no such restriction on it.

For the ease of creation of bots, participating teams will be equipped with several API for Natural Language Processing tasks and other service related APIs from Flochat. These include but not limited to:

  1. Data cleaning/pre-processing API which will assist you with lemmatization, stop words, tags etc.
  2. Services API which include but not limited to BookMyShow, Zomato, Deals, etc.

The APIs will be available on the day the hackathon commences. Documentation of the APIs will be emailed to the team leads of the participating teams. Also note, participating teams are allowed to use external services/APIs for creation of their chatbots and they solely need to take responsibility of the underlying terms and conditions of such external services/APIs.

Flochat Design platform:

Problem statement

Flochat has several innovative camera features for which we need to design themes/ filters/ backgrounds that will compel the user to click pictures using them. We have one such feature called “Stitch” out on the app (ios only) which has the ability of background segregation which allows the user to place themselves in a background of their choice and create a fun picture. All our camera features are all about creating fun, memorable moments with your friends. Details of the feature will be shared at the event as this technology is in the process of being patented.

What is expected:

  • Branding for the feature
  • Filter ideas/ concepts
  • Execution of atleast 5 filters/ background

These could be graphics/ gifs/ animations, etc.

Who can participate:

  • Graphic designers
  • Animators
  • Creative agencies

About Flochat:

Flochat is India’s first free hybrid instant messenger which gives you all the features that a great instant messenger has along with your lifestyle apps that one needs embedded within your messenger. Gone are the days when people needed 15 different apps on their phone for ordering food, booking cabs/ movie tickets, accessing content, browsing for deals or just the one can do it all from one’s instant messenger without even having these apps on your phone. We at Flochat believe that the Flo of conversations should never break and hence we have built an eco-system which not only enables smart and quick communication but also a personalized discovery, share & transact experience. Conversations lead to plans & Flochat helps you seal those plans instantly. We have partnered with the leading players in the market as they are the experts of their domain and are constantly working to improve the experience for their consumers.

  • Food : Zomato
  • Cab Booking: Ola and Uber
  • Deals: Dineout and Coupon Duniya
  • Entertainment: You Tube
  • Movies: Book My show
  • Search: Microsoft Bing


Saturday, 17th February
Time Agenda
08:00 AM Breakfast & Registration
10:00 AM Kick-off talk by the Chief Mentor
10:30 AM – 01:00 PM Hacking officially begins
01:00 PM Lunch
06:00 PM Snacks
09:00 PM Dinner

Sunday, 18th February
Time Agenda
09:00 AM Breakfast
01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Hacking officially ends
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM Mentors meet the teams and evaluate
05:00 PM Winners to be announced & Prize distribution
06:00 PM Hackathon officially ends

Venue WeWork BKC, Mumbai
Date 17th - 18th February 2018
Time 08:00 AM Onwards


1st Place INR 1,00,000
2nd Place INR 75,000
3rd Place INR 50,000
1st Place INR 50,000
2nd Place INR 25,000